What Is Rip Capacity on Table Saw?

Last modified on September 17, 2022
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A table saw is considered the most important tool if you are a professional woodworker. A table saw is an efficient piece of equipment that craftsmen or woodworkers can get.

They are used in every workshop due to their ease of use and versatility. But many of you wonder what is the rip capacity of the table saw?

Or what they can cut easily and if there is any limitation to a table saw. So if you are interested in knowing the rip capacity of the table saw, let’s get right into it.

What Can a Table Saw Do?

A table saw is a powerful tool with circular saw blades that spins quickly and cut any wood like butter.

The saw’s blade can rotate, tilt, and pivot for different cutting angles and can be adjusted to perform crosscutting or ripping operations. It typically uses either manual or motorized mechanisms to control the material being fed into it and is used in various woodworking applications such as cabinet making, fine furniture making, etc.

In addition, you can adjust the blade according to the need for deeper cuts.

The table saw blade is typically made from high-grade carbon steel or aluminum. It is used widely in the world by professional carpenters.

What Does the RIP Capacity of a Table Saw Mean?

Table saws are one of the most popular and versatile tools in a workshop. However, the differences between different models are significant.

One of the more important aspects that define a table saw is its cut capacity, or what is commonly known as RIP capacity. Rip is the cut of the material that makes parallel to the grain.

More specifically, the capacity is the distance of material that can be cut in one pass over the blade. The rip capacity tells you how much space you can have at maximum between the blade and the fence.

Assume you purchased a table saw with a 24″ rip capacity and a piece of plywood measuring 48″ x 96″. If you intend to cut this plywood board in half, the best alternative would be to cut it into two 24″ x 96″ pieces because that is all that will fit between the blade and the fence.

However, if your table saw has a 20″ rip capacity, you’ll only be able to cut your board into two 20″ x 96″ pieces since that’s all the room you’ll have.

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How Much Rip Capacity Is Best for You?

Equipment like table saws can be expensive and take up a lot of space.

It’s important to understand the basic principles of capacity, so you don’t have the wrong size or too much RIP capacity. The most common table saw ranges from 24-inch to 30-inch rip capacity.

But how to determine how much ripping capacity would be perfect for you.

If you are confused about different rip capacities on the table saw, you need to look for the project you want to do it. Getting the right correct rip capacity table saw depends on the personal choice and what it will use.

So, if you are regularly busy with small woodwork projects, then a table saw with 24” rip capacity would be perfect for you. On the other hand, if you want to buy a high rip capacity table saw, you need more space to store it.

How Much Space Do You Need?

Buying a right-sized table saw is necessary as not everybody has enough space to keep them in their home or workshop. So when it comes to space considerations and how much space a table saw will take up in your house, it depends upon the rip capacity.

A table saw with a higher or large rip capacity would need more space in your garage, workshop, or home than a lower rip capacity. If you compare Milter saw with a table saw, then a table saw will take up more floor space in your house.

For example, a table saw with a rip capacity of 20 can take up your 4 ft of space to give you a rough idea of the size.

Before you go out and buy a new saw for your ripping needs, make a dummy table first. You may accomplish this by using a measuring tape to determine the excess rip capacity.

You may either hold it there and imagine where your new table saw would go, or you can lay a table of the same length there to try it out. It’s really tough to accomplish this by sight, and if you don’t take thorough measures, you could be astonished at how much room a table saw can take up in your workshop.

How To Increase the RIP Capacity of Your Table Saw?

Sometimes, an old table saw becomes less efficient, or you are not satisfied with the current ripping capacity of the table saw.

In these situations, you can increase the ripping capacity of your tale saw using various methods.

The methods can be hard for beginners as some require modifying the old blade or adding extra table space with a current one. So, while purchasing the table piece, attach it with your current table saw and thoroughly check for its compatibility with the brand you have.

The most common way is to add a larger blade. But that is not the only method for doing so, as there are two more ways to extend the length of the cut.

You can also try to move the fence by one or two bolts to increase the rip capacity of your table saw.

If you are finding the methods of increasing ripping capacity hard, don’t worry; there are tutorials video on YouTube for your convenience.

What Are the Most Common Rip Capacities of Table Saws?

You would find various table saws of different brands in the market.

They all can differ in ripping capacity too. It would help if you considered the factor while buying a table saw: its ripping capacity.

Let’s look at some of the most common rip capacities available easily.

28 inches: This is the entry-level rip capacity for most low- and mid-priced table saws. This rip capability allows you to cut a normal 48″ sheet of plywood in half.

Most craftsmen don’t think there’s a need for a ripping capacity bigger than 28″ because most table saws have enough space on the left to cut big sheets of wood. 30 inches: This is frequently regarded as the ideal capacity for the majority of woodworkers.

The majority of your cuts will be handled by a 30″ blade.

50 inches: This is the biggest table saw rip capacity size available. Only the most expensive and largest table saws are likely to have a capacity of this magnitude.

However, the great majority of cuts will never necessitate such a massive capacity, and it’s crucial to note that the larger the saw, the higher the price tag. A 50″ rip capacity has the advantage of allowing you to conduct a “square cut” on a sheet of plywood, cutting it in half in one stroke.

If you frequently cut hardwood, it is typically a lot better idea to use a table saw with a bigger rip capacity. if you have a good budget, you can go for a higher and branded table saw.


So here in this guide, you learned all about the different varieties of the table saw and how the rip capacity of the table saw affects its performance. If you are not happy with your table saw, you now know how to extend the ripping capacity of the table saw.

However, you need a little effort and time to do it.

You should consider the space it will take and how much rip capacity you need. Also, the table saw’s price matters, as buying a costly table saw can create a burden on your tight budget.

However, overall, increasing your table saw’s rip capacity will benefit you in the long run.