Table Saw FAQs: Part One

Last modified on May 18, 2022
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Frequently asked questions (FAQ): These are some of the most frequently asked questions related to the Table saws.

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1. Where are Laguna table saws made?

After delivering years of top-class service throughout the entire US, Laguna tools have finally opened its headquarters in taxes in late spring of 2020. Along with their headquarters, a new manufacturing plant was also set up in Texas with a vision to manufacture top-quality products in the USA. However, a major portion of Laguna tools, including Laguna table saws, are still manufactured in Europe and China.

2. Can you cut glass with a table saw?

Yes, you can easily cut glass with a table saw. It should be smooth, thin, and tempered, but try using a sacrificial piece of wood to protect the cutting surface. Other than glass, you can also cut marble, polished granite, and some other composites with Laguna table saws. Whether thick or thin, the Laguna table saw will allow you to make a smooth and clean cut through any type of glass surface.

3. Are table saws illegal in Europe?

In some countries in Europe, there are strict norms related to using dangerous commercial equipment such as table saws. While few types of equipment like dado blades are prohibited in Europe, table saws are allowed for commercial works. However, the rules in Europe limit the use of table saws only to commercial use.

4. Where are Harvey table saws made?

Harvey table saws are made in China. Whether it is 48in, 60in, or 72in, any size of Harvey table saws is made in China for the market China. The main manufacturing base of Harvey is located in Yangzhou, China. It’s established in China under Yangzhou Harvey Industries Co., Ltd, where most tools, including table saws, are manufactured.

5. What is the table saw runout?

The smaller the runout, the more accurate the cut. Runout refers to the offset or wobble of the blade while cutting on a table saw. It is important to have a small runout to keep your cut straight. The runout depends upon several parameters like the saw blade’s rotational speed, the linear speed of the saw blade, and imperfection in bearings and motor.

6. Can you use a table saw to cut baseboards?

Yes, a table saw can be used for cutting baseboards. It is common to use table saws with the help of a base or miter gauge to cut baseboards. Two baseboards are joined by cutting them at 45 degrees angle and then joining them to make a perfect 90-degree angle. This perfection can only be achieved by using a table saw for cutting baseboards.

7. Where is the serial number on a RIDGID table saw?

The serial number of the RIDGID table saw is located on the front handle of the saw. There is a circular plate fixed at the front handle, where you can find the serial number. The number consists of two digits and four letters. The first two digits indicate the year of manufacturing, whereas the second two indicate the month and day of manufacturing.

8. Who makes delta table saws?

Delta table saws are being manufactured by Delta Power Equipment Corp., a Chang Type Industrial Co., Ltd subsidiary. It is located in Anderson County, South Carolina, where its headquarters and manufacturing plants are located. They are a major supplier of power tools, table saws, and other automotive products.

9. What is a table saw fence?

A table saw fence is the fence that is fixed in front of the blade of your table saw. It is used to guide the wood while cutting to maintain a straight line. It should be straight, square, and properly adjusted. The correct height and distance from the blade are important because they will ensure a straighter cut than if the fence were too low or too close to the blade.

10. What is a contractor table saw?

A contractor table saw is primarily used by homeowners and contractors to cut boards, MDF (medium-density fiberboard), and plywood. It is probably the most frequently used table saw. The primary difference between it and the usual table saw is its larger throat. It simply has a bigger blade which enables you to cut both narrow and wide boards at a single time.

11. What are must-have table saw accessories?

Table saw accessories are the small but essential items you need to get for your table saw to make your cut clean and straight. While buying a new table saw, there are items that you need to keep in mind. Additionally, you must keep the T-square of your table saw square and accurate, the blade sharp and blade alignment straight, and the table firmly placed on the floor.

12. Does Festool make a table saw?

Festool is a German company manufacturing table saws. It was established around 1921 as a workshop for precision crafting. In 1928, it laid its grounds in the town of Kiel and started manufacturing machines like a drill press and table saws for commercial purposes. However, there is no evidence to prove that Festool currently makes a table saw, but they used to make one in yesteryears.

13. Does a table saw need to be leveled?

Yes, you must level your table saw to produce a perfect cut. If the saw is not leveled, it could produce an angle in your workpiece and make it crooked. You must be careful while leveling the saw, as a slight mistake might cause severe injury. Regular leveling of your table saw will ensure that you keep your table saw in top condition and get better work efficiency.

14. Can you cut foam board with a table saw?

Yes, you can cut foam board with a table saw. The only thing you need to do is follow the instructions provided by the brand of your table saw. It is a smart idea to check out the user manual and make sure that you understand how to operate your table saw before you start cutting down wood.

15. Are Harbor Freight table saws any good?

Harbor Freight table saw is a powerful device. Still, they don’t provide the same quality and performance as table saws manufactured by other brands like Dewalt, Laguna, and Black & Decker. But if you are looking for an affordable table saw, you can give it a try as it provides value for money. In addition, with their powerful motor of 15 amp, you will get a decent efficiency level.

16. Who sells table saws?

Many websites sell table saws and accessories, but most are Chinese companies, and they sell a few Indian models. You may check out the table saw a section on Amazon, Ebay, or other online shopping sites. Or you can directly contact the manufacturer of your choice by dialing their toll-free number. Finally, there is always an option to visit your nearby tool store and get what you want.

17. Which way does a table saw blade go?

Your table saw blades are designed to rotate in both directions, and you can make a cut out of any direction you like. This is obvious since, with the help of a table saw, you will be able to make a deep cut, and these cuts require a different kind of blade angle. The blade angle can be changed by adjusting the fence, and after changing it, you’ll be able to get perfect results.

18. Where are Kobalt table saws made?

Lowe’s Companies, Inc. manufactures Kobalt table saws not associated with any other brand. This table saw comes in multiple variations like a table saw with a sliding system, table saw with extension wings, table saw with cast iron wings, etc. The manufacturing plants of Lowe’s are located across different states in the US.

19. Where are Baileigh table saws made?

Baileigh table saws are manufactured in their manufacturing plants located across different parts of the world. However, the key manufacturing units of Baileigh table saws are located in major parts of Europe and South and North America. Therefore, this table saw is perfect for the DIY job and for homeowners who want to get a decent quality table saw.

20. When was the table saw invented?

As per the stats available, the first-ever table saw was patented in 1777 by Samuel Miller (an Englishman). The table saw was later improved, and the invention became popularized during the 19th century. It was called the “Table Saw,” It had an advantage over the older hand-held crosscut saws as it could make more accurate cuts.

21. What to look for in a used table saw?

You must check the motor of the used table saw as it is one of the most important parts, and it determines how efficient your machine will be. The next thing you need to check is the blade alignment, as a misaligned blade can result in an improper cut. Also, check if the arbor bolts are tight and whether they are rust-free or not.

22. What is a zero clearance table saw insert used for?

With a table saw insert fitted to your table saw, you can get to a much larger piece of wood than you could with a standard blade. This is possible because the insert has a slot in the base of the blade that allows access to larger pieces of wood, and through it, you can cut these large pieces into smaller pieces.

23. What is a throat plate on a table saw?

A throat plate is a small steel plate placed at the bottom of the upper blade. The table saw needs to have a throat plate to protect the table. A duct tape will suffice for this purpose. This throat plate is designed to protect both the blade of the table saw and the person operating it.

24. What is a Sawstop table saw?

A Sawstop table saw stands as a portable table saw with an integral stop that prevents the blade from continuing to rotate and causing injury to the user. The blade stops by absorbing the energy of the rotating blade-guard.

25. What is a 10-inch table saw?

A ten-inch table saw is a usable size sold in the market. The ten-inch table saw is an unusual size, and most the right-hand table saws are used for cutting wood which ranges from 6 inches to 8 inches. A 10-inch table saw can easily cut through 3″ thick material, making it perfect for cabinetry and furniture making.

26. Should you wear gloves when using a table saw?

When you use a table saw, there is always a risk that you might get injured, so yes, you need to wear gloves to prevent any injury. However, the safety guards and guards work differently and whenever you face any difficulty, just ask for help from your close ones.

27. Is a table saw worth it?

A table saw is 100% worth your investment. This device can allow you to make furniture or even help you complete your home construction task, so if you do not have one, then it’s something that you need. The table saw has multiple uses, and I am sure that when you start using it, you will not stop yourself from appreciating this machine.

28. Does home depot rent table saws?

Yes, Home Depot rents table saws to their customers, and the cost of renting a table saw varies from one place to another. You can also rent a table saw from Lowe’s or any other local tool rental shop near your area.

29. Can you use a table saw as a router?

You can anytime use a table saw to make many things. For example, a router won’t be able to cut the wood that is thicker than the router, which means that a table saw can also be used as a router. However, remember not to use any cutting tool for more than one purpose, as this could damage your machine.

30. Can you cut polycarbonate with a table saw?

Yes, you can cut polycarbonate with a table saw. However, since this is not the kind of material that the table saw is designed for, the quality of your cuts will surely be affected. The best way to cut polycarbonate would be by using a band saw or a jigsaw, but these tools are expensive, and not many people have them at hand.

31. Can you cut MDF with a table saw?

You can cut MDF with a table saw. Many home improvement stores worldwide sell this type of material, and there is always a high demand for it. However, the quality of your cuts will also be affected due to the limitations of the table saw.

32. Can you cut laminate flooring with a table saw?

You can cut laminate flooring with a table saw. The only thing you need to do is get the right blade and then go ahead with your cutting. However, laminate flooring is very hard and since the blade of a table saw is also very hard, the blade will have difficulty cutting it.

33. Can you cut a laminate countertop with a table saw?

You can easily cut a laminate countertop using a decent power table saw. However, it is important to note that the laminate countertops were not made for cutting with a table saw, so the quality of your cuts will be affected. Anything else will just be too dangerous for your blade.

34. Can Hercules table saw use Dado blades?

Hercules table saw comes with a unique design that allows you to use dado blades on it. The design of this saw is much different from the other table saws, but it also has its own set of limitations. You cannot use dado blades on your Hercules table saw as they are not designed to be used on this machine.

35. Can a bandsaw replace a table saw?

Yes, of course, a bandsaw can replace a table saw. A bandsaw is designed to cut round and curved shapes, making it good for some kinds of jobs. But a bandsaw is much slower than a table saw, and you know certain tasks will always be better with a table saw instead of a bandsaw.

36. Can a 10-inch table saw cut a 4×4?

The 10-inch table saw can indeed cut a 4×4. Although this type of wood is much harder than the ones you can purchase from the store, it is made to be cut with a wood cutting machine, and it could be done easily with a table saw.

37. Are table saw blades reverse threaded?

Yes, table saw blades are reversely threaded. The blade is attached to the saw using the reverse threading system that allows you to attach, remove and change blades with ease. In this way, you get to save your precious money by buying more than one blade rather than changing it now and then.

38. Are Ryobi table saws any good?

Ryobi table saws are one of the best companies for making table saws. The company designs highly-efficient machines, which makes them the best option for people looking for table saws. You can safely buy a Ryobi table saw, and you won’t have to worry about its quality as it is one of the best in the market.

39. Are RIDGID table saws any good?

RIDGID table saws are really good for home use. They are designed for easy and convenient use, so anyone a beginner can also handle them easily. The machine can make complex cuts without any problem, and along with the high-quality blade, you will surely be impressed with its performance.

40. Are delta table saws good?

Yes, delta table saws are really good. This table saw is designed to work with different kinds of materials, and you can use it to do many things. It is one of the best options for a beginner as it is highly efficient and comes with many useful features, allowing the user to complete any task with ease.

41. Are craftsman table saws any good?

Yes, Craftsman table saws are really good, and many people trust them. This brand is one of the best in the market, and they have a great design that allows you to complete any task with ease, although there are certain limitations.

42. When to change the table saw blade?

When to replace a table saw blade? It depends on how often you use it, but most of the table saws are designed for long-term use, and this means that you can easily change the blade when it’s been used for four years.

43. How thick can a 8 1/4 table saw cut?

Many thicknesses are supported on this machine when it comes to table saws. The most popular is the 1/4 inch thickness, and this is also the maximum thickness that is supported by most of the table saws in the market.

44. How much is a delta table saw?

The price of a delta table saw varies depending on the model and its features. The most basic models are usually inexpensive, while the upgraded models are much pricier. You can buy a good delta table saw only after investing a good amount of money, but they are well worth it since they can help you complete any task easily.

45. How many teeth for the table saw blade?

The standard table saw blades have 25 teeth, while the more advanced ones have 24 teeth. Naturally, the number of teeth will affect your cutting performance, but it is also important to note that the 25 and 24-teeth blades are more commonly used.

46. How big should a table saw sled be?

A table saw sled must be a bit larger than the workpiece you want to cut, and it should also not be undersized. This will enable you to move it without any difficulty, and you also need a bit more space than usual so that the blade does not hit the fence, which would also affect your cutting quality.