What Are the Must-Have Table Saw Accessories & Attachments?

Last modified on September 17, 2022
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man cutting wood on table saw

Buying a table saw is a top priority for most beginners of woodworking. Today’s table saw designs include a variety of features that help you get the most from your machine. It’s important to use accessories that fit your needs.

Everyone who is serious about becoming better at what they do, should be using these 12 accessories with their table saws.

12 Table Saw Accessories You Must Have

1. Good Quality Blade

In terms of table saw accessories, the blades you use are the most important. More than any other component of the saw, the blade has a significant impact on the quality of your cuts. To get the most out of your saw blades, it’s important to know what they do.

Flat top grind (FTG) blades are excellent for producing rip-cuts along the grain since they are rapid and easy to use. When it comes to multi-purpose blades, the most common design feature is angled teeth (ATB).

All-purpose and cross-cutting clean cuts are achieved by ATBR combo blades, which have a five-tooth pattern consisting of four ATB teeth and one raker FTG tooth. 

Cutting through hard materials may necessitate a blade with a small kerf. When compared to a normal-kerf saw blade, the amount of material removed is smaller, therefore it won’t bog down as much.

Tooth count has a role, with several lower-tooth blades built for rapid rip-cutting along the grain. The use of a 40-tooth saw blade is recommended for general purpose cutting, while greater tooth counts are recommended for cutting dense fibers or laminate materials.

2. Zero-Clearance Insert

Your table saw is equipped with a detachable throat plate that rests on top of the tabletop and around the blade. The issue is that there can be a significant gap between the table saw blade and the throat plate opening’s edges. Using zero-clearance inserts on your table saw will help keep the gap between the blade and the table as small as possible.

It’s possible that a zero-clearance insert can be purchased or made for a table saw, although this is more likely to be the case. If you decide to purchase one, check sure it is compatible with your table saw.

The table saw’s existing throat plate is replaced by a zero-clearance insert. It is similar to the throat plate, and it has a slot for the blade of your table saw to pass through.

For the most part, zero-clearance inserts have adequate room to accommodate a certain blade kerf . The narrow hole prevents small particles of debris from falling into the slot. As a result, the backside has larger surface area, which provides additional support for both sections when they are separated.

3. Push Sticks & Blocks

Experienced woodworkers take great care when operating their table saws, and it’s simple to see why. The blade on the table saw eats through materials almost as fast as you can feed it. Using a table saw without a push stick or a push block is a recipe for disaster.

As with my table saw, the push stick was the first tool I learned how to use, and it should be yours as well. Its simplistic shape has a long body with a notch on the end.

It allows you to exert side pressure on wood as you push it through the blade. 
You can push the wood through the cut by placing the push block over it. The back of the board is caught by the lip. If the block has an overhang on the side, you can also apply pressure from the side.

A push stick and a push block used in conjunction allows you to maintain three-way pressure on the board, holding it down on top, pushing it against the rip fence, and pushing it into the blade as you work.

Every woodworker’s workshop should have these table saw attachments. A push block or a push stick has saved me several times. It’s also worth mentioning that I’ve had very few instances of kickbacks.

4. Dado Blade Stack or Dado Set

One of the more time saving accessories for your table saw is a good dado blade stack. It’s important to know the proper size of the arbor required to use this type of table saw accessory. First, you must make sure the arbor can accommodate the stack and also provide threads to fasten the lock nut. After that, double-check that you have enough power to run the blade stack. If not, then don’t even think about buying it. Any type of joinery involving a power instrument, such as a table saw, needs a significant degree of expertise and practice.

A dado stack is different than a single wobble blade. It’s designed to make multiple passes across the stock, gradually creating the desired width. With multiple blades and spacers, a dado stack is able to make these multiple passes much more quickly and efficiently than a single blade. This allows you to spend more time on your furniture and less time on sharpening your saw. It is important to point out that dado stack suppliers are easy to find in the United States but are hard to come by when you are sourcing products from Europe. Here are best table saw for dado cuts.

5. Safety Power Switch

A safety power switch should be installed on your table saw, as it will allow you to turn off the electric motor without having to fiddle with the on/off switch. Safety power switches are larger and easier to find than standard switches, and they should be easy to use with your table saw. The table saw accessories are large and easy to use.

6. Featherboard

When it comes to table saw attachments, such the featherboard, you had to buy them separately from the saw itself. If your table saw doesn’t come with a featherboard, you can easily purchase one online.

When the featherboard is set up at an angle toward the workpiece, it will be able to move forward through the cut but not go back. If the wood is placed on a table, the fingers will keep it pressed against the fence of the table saw or the tabletop (if connected to the table saw fence).

Cleaner cuts can be made on your table saw with the use of a featherboard. This is due to the fact that the featherboard maintains continuous pressure even while the workpiece is moving.

A featherboard protects your fingertips from the blade of a table saw while you are cutting wood. Although you should keep in mind that employing a featherboard will extend your setup time.

7. Angle Gauge

You may find it challenging to cut bevel angles on the ends of your workpieces The angle gauge is a table saw attachments that helps you save time by allowing you to set the angle correctly the first time. The addition of digital features to the design resulted in a more compact and user-friendly product.

To cut a bevel angle with a table saw blade, tilt the blade to a specific angle before cutting. Even though product manufacturers have made improvements to their cranking systems, the accuracy required for fine woodworking still remains a problem.

It’s simple to use these table saw attachments because the magnetic strip can be attached directly to the blade of your saw. Set the gauge to zero once you’ve confirmed the saw blade is parallel. As you move the saw blade, the internal mechanism will record the new angle on the digital readout.

Today’s products are accurate to within a tenth of a degree, allowing you to achieve fine-tuning that you can’t get via your table saw’s hand controls.

8. Aftermarket Miter Gauge

A miter gauge is a common table saw accessory that comes with almost every new piece of equipment you buy. Even among the most expensive table saws, these things tend to be of poor quality. In addition to being difficult to set, they may introduce errors.

For me, getting the greatest aftermarket miter gauge was an absolute need because I was having trouble maintaining a consistent cutting angle. 

Purchasing these aftermarket table saw accessories allows you to move the saw more quickly and easily.. Generally speaking, these have smoother surfaces and are better at fitting into tabletop grooves.

Once the knobs are set, they will stay in position. The threads are in excellent condition and provide a good deal of elasticity. Due to the fact that the markers are laser-etched, they are both legible and precise.

A positive stop at a commonly used angle is included in the better aftermarket versions, allowing you to rapidly set the gauge. An connected fence is offered on some models, increasing the amount of surface area that is in contact with your material.

9. Crosscut Sled

Using the crosscut sled is an excellent way to improve your woodworking results in a matter of minutes.

In order to get the most precise cuts when working with your table saw, you’ll want to invest in some of these table saw accessories. With the crosscut sled, you can make precise cuts quickly and consistently.

The important thing to remember is that the sled should go along the miter gauge groove on the tabletop. Materials are held firmly in place as you pass them across the table saw blade thanks to the broad base. Fences on the front and back of the machine allow you to keep your workpiece in place while cutting.

A crosscut sled can be made at home. To make the sled, most woodworkers will turn to plywood or melamine as their primary materials. . You can even get designs that hold your wood at an angle so that you can quickly cut miter joints.

10. Outfeed Table

An outfeed table is useful for all woodworkers but is especially helpful when doing rip cuts of longer pieces of wood. It’s also nice to have if you do lots of rip cuts on a single piece of wood.

The ability to easily and safely rip cut long boards without them lifting off the table is the most important support that an outfeed table can provide. The design of the table will allow you to do this safely. If you have a larger table, then you should consider having it with wheels to make it move when not in use.

11. Mobile Base

Most home wood shops lack space. When it comes to large power equipment, such as a table saw, this may be an issue. You’ll need space for the table saw as well as space for the workpiece. A moveable base is one of the table saw accessories that is often overlooked. If you have a mobile base for your table saw, you can move it from place to place in the shop. You can either keep your table saw against a wall or move it to a location where you can cut it securely.

A portable saw can be cheaper than a full-sized table saw, and a mobile base can make the difference. It’s possible to move a stationary table saw to a location with access to dust removal. This will keep your shop clean and will reduce the amount of dust you breathe in.

The typical V-drive belts, which transfer rotation from the motor to the saw blade produce a great deal of vibration when they’re in use. However, once a belt has been in a position around pulleys for an extended period of time, it will develop a defined curve.  This will result in a difficult startup with a jump, and then an rise in both vibration and noise.

An adjustable link belt could be used to replace your current V-drive belt. In keeping with the name, these belts have individual links that can be removed to create the desired amount of tension while maintaining the desired length.

As a result, whether it sits for a day or several months, it will continue to perform the same functions. With the adjustable link belt, power transfer is maximized by limiting slippage and decreasing length.

Additionally, this sort of belt is capable of absorbing vibration. Your table saw will no longer vibrate as much. The noise level will also be reduced.


These are the essential tools for any woodworker. They’ll save you time in the shop and ensure your enjoyment of woodworking. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you develop a passion for great woodworking.

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