Best Dado Blade Set in 2022 [6″-10″] – Expert Review

Last modified on May 18, 2022
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dado blades

Dado blades are ideal for cutting grooves in wood. Not every table saw can fit dado blades. There are specific table saws that accept dado blades. Try to get the right fit first time, as they are considerable investment. If you get low-quality blades, you’re going to get low-quality results. We are going to discuss table saw dado blades. Almost every woodworker has these in their inventory.

If you want to install a 10″ dado set, remember you saw could fit a 10-inch dado set, your motor would not be enough to drive it, and the momentum could be dangerous in an industrial setting, so woodworkers generally limit themselves to 6 inch or 8 inch dado sets. The lighter 6-inch sets are best suited to contractor saws and lower powered cabinet saws. If your saw is less than 3 horsepower, you should go with the six-inch set. If it’s greater than three, you may choose the 8-inch set.  

8-inch sets are more expensive, so if there’s not that much benefit, why would anyone use them? Well, there’s an ongoing debate about whether a larger blade produces a better cut because the velocity of the teeth increases with the blade’s diameter. On the other hand, some will argue that the increase in diameter also causes a decrease in the torque exerted or the force of the teeth hitting the wood.

An 8-inch set is nice to have in those situations where you might need extra capacity, but you have to have the power to spin it and for most hobbyist woodworkers a 6-inch set will work just fine. If you have a powerful saw and you can afford it, get the 8-inch set or 10-inch set, but if you’re on a budget, get the six-inch set. 

Our Top Picks for Best Dado Blade Sets

Given the cost of dado blades and the possibility that they will be used frequently, it seems sense to try out a few before making a decision. There’s three dado sets from three size group, so let’s take a look.

Here’s a brief breakdown of our top recommendations for the best dado blade sets this year if you’re in a hurry:

1. Oshlun SDS-0630 6-Inch 30-Tooth Stack Dado Blade – Best 6″ Table Saw Dado Blades

If you are a professional looking for a dado blade set that can handle most joints, the Oshlun SDS-0630 is a great choice. The blade has a 30 tooth count, which is one of the highest on our list, and it can easily provide a smooth and clean dado cut.

The set is six inches long and may not cut as deeply as an eight-inch blade. The blades are of such high quality that they can cut through any type of wood. They’ll last a long time because they’re made of professional grade C-4 carbide.

All chippers have five teeth, which perfectly match the blade; also full-body chippers help reduce vibrations. Micro-adjustments can be made by using the set’s shim set. The high-quality carbide teeth, full-body chippers, and shim set combine to create a product that performs admirably without putting much effort into it.


  • Shem sets are suitable for micro-adjustment of blade cuts.
  • It has C-4 carbide teeth.
  • Full-body chippers allow for more precise cutting.
  • The product comes with a sturdy storage case.
  • Teeth count:30
  • Precision cutting.


  • It can’t produce a deeper cut than a blade of eight inches.

2. Mibro Group 416381 8″ Carbide Stacking Dado Blade Set -Best 8″ Table Saw Dado Blades

The Mibro Group dado set is perfect for individuals who don’t require a high-end stack. It’s less expensive than the majority of alternatives, but still provides adequate quality. It has a smooth gradient ranging from 1/4” to 13/16” in 1/16” in increment.

It also comes with a good case, something that many low-cost dado stacks don’t. It has carbide teeth, which last longer than metals that are less expensive.


  • Good price to value ratio.
  • Comes with a free sturdy case.
  • Good carbide teeth.
  • Precise cuts.
  • Spacers are very sharp.
  • Comes with carbide tooth chippers and blades.
  • Decent storage case.
  • Can be sized in small increments.


  • The width is less precise than that of more expensive models.
  • From time to time, the blades may need to be adjusted.

3. Freud 10″ x 32T Super Dado Set (SD510) -Best 10″ Table Saw Dado Blades

The Freud Super Dado Set makes it possible to create clean edges, square shoulders and virtually splinter-free cuts.

It cuts wood in many different ways, from veneered plywood to solid wood with a smooth, flat bottom.

The dado sets allow for the cut width to be adjusted in 1/32″ and doubles the number of slot width available. Fine adjustments can be made with the help of a shim set.

It is possible to use table saws and radial arm saws for cutting slots, grooves, dadoes and rabbets in hardwood or softwood.


  • The TiCo HI-Density Carbide Crosscutting Blend provides exceptional performance.
  • I.C.E. Silver Coating reduces buildup on blade surfaces, resulting in more efficiently operating blades.
  • Freud’s blades and chippers all feature an anti-kickback mechanism.
  • It can be adjusted in 1/250-inch increments.


  • Requires high HP motor to drive.

Best Dado Blade Set – Buying Guide

When shopping for the best dado blades, there are a few things to keep in mind. There are a few distinct varieties to choose from, as well as a slew of other considerations.

As long as you’ve got a basic understanding of blades, you’re not in a completely unfamiliar region. First and foremost, picking a set is the most crucial decision to make.

Dado Blade Types

1. Stacked Dado Blade Set

The concept of a stacked dado blade set is straightforward: two blades are put on either side of a stack of chippers. The width of the dado can be adjusted by adding or removing these chippers, which remove material from the inside of the groove.

Most experts and serious amateurs use these dado blades exclusively. You don’t have to do any finishing work to have a hand-tight fit since the grooves they cut are absolutely level on the bottom of the cutouts. They are also the most expensive of the options available.

2. Wobble Dado Blade Set

A Wobble dado blade has a single blade and adjustable hub that cuts a groove. Instead of wobbling, the blade moves back and forth in an S-shaped manner.

Even though they’re less expensive, they aren’t everyone’s preferred method of cutting dados. The issue is that they leave a somewhat rounded base in the groove, as opposed to the precisely square fit that can be achieved with a stacked dado set.


For a dado blade set, you size it differently than you would for a standard blade. Typically, you’ll need a smaller dado set than the blade of your saw, such as an 8″ dado set for a 10″ saw.

Using the dado blade for a thorough cut would be detrimental to both the instrument and the user. Simply removing it from the equation is best. If you do not require a deep cut, you can reduce the depth of cut.

Although it won’t cut as deep as an 8-inch dado placed on a 10-inch saw, a 6-inch dado on a 10-inch saw will still enough for the bulk of joinery tasks.


A kerf is the amount of material that a saw blade removes. Because most dado sets have 1/8″-thick outside blades, the smallest groove you can cut is 1/4″.

Although you must check that it fits your saw, it’s a good idea to have the groove width you’ll need on hand. If you need to make narrow grooves, you might need to use a different tool entirely.

Arbor Size

The vast majority of dad blades have a standard 5/8″ arbor, making them compatible with saws that can accommodate both 8″ and 10″ blades. If you wish to go larger or smaller, check to see if the dado set you’re getting has the proper arbor size.

Material & Coating

Material and finish are important, but most people looking for a dado set don’t prioritize them. In general, good materials are used in the construction of stacked sets; however, the exact type of steel used will vary by manufacturer.

Wobble sets are normally made of high-quality steel, and if you must use one, it’s advisable to buy from a trustworthy company.

Check with the manufacturer to see if they can re-sharpen your blades and chippers if you aren’t familiar with the specific steel. Assuming this is the case, you’re working with high-quality materials, and the majority of high-end blade manufacturers will be happy to collaborate with you to extend the lifespan of your set.

It is possible for coatings to be useful, remarkable, or utterly pointless. Proprietary coatings, such as those employed by Freud, generally provide a significant performance improvement, but no-name businesses may as well not have one.

Saw Compatibility

As far as how broad your dado set can go or if your saw can use them, there is no guesswork involved in any way.

There are limitations to every saw, so check yours out in the instructions to learn more. The majority of saws are capable of supporting a dado stack that is just shy of 7/8″.

It is feasible to narrow a stacked dado set by removing one or more of the chippers, but the trick is to never go wider than the saw’s rating.

Safety Concerns

The best approach to cut grooves is using dado sets, however this is not the safest method. In comparison to a conventional table saw cut, contact with a dado stack is far worse. Additionally, the stack’s exposed top is dangerous, and even a brief contact might result in a life-changing damage.

Best Dado Blade Set – FAQs

Why are dado blades illegal in Europe?

They are legal in any other part of the world other than Europe. They are forbidden in Europe because table saws with dado blades have less effective protections and can potentially hurt users if not operated properly.

Will an 8-inch dado blade work on a 10 inch table saw?

Yes, but make sure you read the manufacturer’s instructions for your particular saw.

Can you use a dado blade on any table saw?

No. Check to make sure that your saw can hold the blade before you buy it.


In the end, deciding on the best blade dado set comes down to your objectives. There are those who can get by with with a low-cost, less precise blade, and there are those who require long lasting precision.

To make your job go more smoothly, consider investing in one of the different dado sets available on the market. If you’re thinking about purchasing one, make sure to take a close look at the features and specifications to ensure that it will work with your current table saw.

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