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I am Robert M. Barlow/Writer/Co-Founder

My father first introduced me to tools, and since then I enjoy learning and working with the best tools. My father was a carpenter by trade. During my spare time, I enjoyed working with him and I found that he had a great interest in getting the best equipment for his job. As a handyman, I began my professional life and did a lot of external and internal home and office repairs with a little electrical and plumbing help.

Later, in 2016, with the aid of my father and older brother, I started a small construction business. I still tried to purchase inexpensive equipment at the beginning of my professional life. And I made a great mistake there. Since working with these cheap tools was too stressful! In addition, my time and resources have been wasted! When I bought it, it meant it was cheap, but when I had to buy it, it cost more. Then I understand why my dad was overwhelmed with the passion to own the best equipment.

Since spending extra money on your equipment would save your money as well as your precious time in the long run. And most importantly, better than the cheap tools, you can complete your mission with the best tools. But I get lots of details and a range of choices for all of these when I search for the best quality online resources. From this vast data, it was hard to find the right product I wanted. But it doesn’t matter to me that I know new stuff about power drills, drivers, or any other tools. But at that time, for the same method, I was looking for exact details and direct comparison. I was able to identify a few brands that were producing their best products after spending several hours on testing and study. I know there are those of you who need to go through this situation. So I have tried to provide you with an appropriate guideline that covers almost all of the details about any resources I use for my business. The Tool Hut now consists of many individuals, including writers, scholars, reviewers, and our co-founder Susmita.

I am Susmita/Writer/Co-Founder

In my life as a ‘jack of all trades and master of some,’ finding the right equipment spared me a lot of time and tension. I have done big home renovations and several handy and repair projects around the house and on commercial properties both inside and outside. I enjoy the happiness of the job done, which is what prompted me to set up this website to provide D.I.Y-ers, Handy Men and Women with inexpensive resources to get the job done with ease.

Kristina J. Brown

I am Kristina J. Brown/Writer/PR Manger

Tool-hut is a blog  that focuses on new tool early reviews, hands-on reviews, industry trends, tool tutorials, and occasional project work. Our goal is to provide overview and data that enables readers determine for themselves whether a tool or product is tailored to their needs.
There are few limitations on the types of tools that we will discuss in the previews, but we avoid reviewing tools that go beyond our knowledge. Funded content is not permitted under any conditions. If we think the tool is worth previewing or discussing in a post, we will gladly do it for free.